18 September 2014

Event: Re-Opening LEE Store Antwerp

Last thursday I was invited (together with a my friend Natalie) to the re-opening from the LEE Store in Antwerp.
The brand is celebrating 125 years LEE.
So they decided to make-over there stores in big cities in the world.

After Paris, Antwerp was honored to be redesigned.
They made the store with a lot of wood, which I really loved when I entered the new store.
I also love the tiny details like the picture frames, the little guys in LEE outfit and the belts where the clothing racks where hung up.
Some models showed also the new Fall/Winter collection 2014.

There was also a lot of foodies, drinks and there where 2 female dj's for the great music.

LEE Store
Kammenstraat 32
2000 Antwerp

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