05 October 2014

Event: Philips Summer Cocktail

Sorry for the lack of updates, but currently I'm going back to school and don't have so much time to blog.

This was an event from in the summer and was held at Summer Josephine's. 
In the summer it's a cocktailbar which I really loved, because it's was an ideal place to held the presentation from the new products from Philips. 
When I arrived, we were immediately invited to drink a cocktail. 
There were different boots where you could checked out the new innovations from Philips: food, beauty and coffee. 
We could taste smoothies, coffee and more.

The products which immediately catched my eye was of course the beauty section.

Philips brings out some new attachments for the VisaPure Advanced. 
One is for the subcutane reflex therapy for the skin and the other one is for tired eyes.

Then you have the products for permanent hair removal. 
I was very curious about these, because I already tried several methods to remove my hair from my bikini line and none worked. 
For waxing I needed help and also tried hair removal by a beauty parlour. 
Philips brings out a new device: the Lumea Compact. It's a smaller format and is also cheaper. 
There are also beautypens to remove the hair from your face.

The Philips Moisture Protect hairdryer measures the temperature from your hair with a sensor.
The temperature automatically will be reduced when the hair will be to warm. 
The same with the straightener.


Then you have also the Airstyler, a brush who blows dry air and where you can style your hair.

Philips also brushes for oral care. The Sonicare Diamond Clean is for whitening and plaque removal. 
It removes 5x more plaque than a normal toothbrush. 
For charging you put the toothbrush in a glass (like you can see in the picture). 
Then there is the Airfloss. It uses pressurized air and microdroplets to clean the spaces between your theeth.

This is a non-beauty product which catches my eye: the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti. 
It's a coffee which uses Bluethooth technologie. 
Trough the Saeco Avanti-app you can make your own personalized coffee. 
An example: when you come home and you sit in your care, you take your iPhone or iPad, set your preferences and the coffee will be made.

Thank you Philips for the invite! It was a wonderful event!

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