16 September 2014

Review + Swatches: Givenchy Blush Mémoire de Forme Pop-up Jelly Blush Rose Extravagant

When I saw this blush from the Givenchy Beauty Fall 2014 I was immediately intrigued. 
It is a jelly blush in the color "Rose Extravagant". 

When you open the blush there's a cover before you can see the blush. That's because the blush is very jelly and that you won't spill everything on the table of floor. 
You really have to open the cover very carefully. 

When the cover is opened you see a jelly substance in a really hot pink blush color. 
You only take a little bit on your fingers, because otherwise you look like a clown if you put the color on your cheeks.

You can go for a soft, medium or hard look with this blush. 
It's easy to apply and really smooth and has a nice color of pink like you can see in the picture.
I toned it a little bit down.

The blush costs € 36 ($ 37.00) and is available online and in perfumery's.

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