03 July 2014

New Belgian Brand: Body & Bess

The discovery of the development from the skin care products where accidental.
Sam De Schepper, entrepreneur specialized in steel and inox and the fabrication of machines, saw a mountain of wasted raspberry seeds,
by a visit to the fruit producer where he made a machine for.

The active ingredients of the small seeds separating , indicates a complex, intense and above all extremely costly procedure.  
Body & Bess succeeded, after years of research, eventually to stabilize the raspberry kernel oil during the entire process
Due to the unique extraction process that the Belgian company developed, are the treasures of mother nature now available for our skin.

There are two comprehensive care ranges. Care Pro is especially developed for the beauticians.
The Care line is developed for the privately-owned. Both have 12 products in their range.

Because of the high concentration of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and -6, and the rare combination of vitamin A and E in raspberry kernel oil, the personal care products of Body & Bess are a sensation to the skin.  
The brand new cosmetics brand is primarily a revelation for the discerning and sensitive skin.  
However, it also takes into account the ordinary - and oily skin.  
There are day and night creams designed for three different skin types.

That omega-3 and - 6, which includes working as an anti-aging component, for as much as 80% can be found in raspberry kernel oil back is an exceptional given.  

That is why the widely acclaimed contains argan oil, which is traditionally used in the treatment of skin diseases, only 20% of these essential fatty acids.  
The high presence of all these components in addition have visible effects on the skin. On short terms it soothes agitated or red skin, agitate mosquito bites, rehydrate the skin, protects the sun. 
On a long term it fades pigmentation, is it anti-aging, has a positive effect on acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. 

On the website you can find the products and more info: www.bodyandbess.com
Prices varies from 24,95 euros to 39,95 euros.

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