08 July 2014

Review + Swatches: Catrice Carnival of Colours Eye Shadows

It's a collection which is created in the colours of Brazil.
 As I think of Brazil the first things on my mind are samba, carnival and football.
This year the World Cup is held at Brazil (unfortunately Belgium is already eliminated).

When I saw the eye shadows from this collection I was immediately hooked. My eye has catched the "Rythm of the World" eyeshadow and "Flag attack" eyeshadow. 
Both are baked eye shadows which means you can apply it wet (for a more dramatic look) or dry (for a more natural look).
I used it dry for the looks. 
They easily apply and are very bright, which I really love.

The eye shadows and the other products like the nail lacquers, lip glosses, a beauty bag and more are now available by Kruidvat (Belgium) or other drugstores. 

The price for the eye shadows is 3,89 euros.

Eye Shadows

 (I'm sorry but I have a very dry skin)

What do you think of those bright colours?

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