20 July 2014

My Personal Shopper

A couple of months ago I went for 3 days on holiday in Antwerp. 
I really love Antwerp, one of my favorite cities to shop. I already went shopping there, but that was only for one day. 
So then my mom came up with the idea to stay 3 days in Antwerp. 

On Sunday we visited the Zoo in Antwerp, because my mom never went to it. I've already been there with high school to see behind the scenes of the zoo. 
On monday I had a appointment with a personal shopper, which I really loved. 
I really wanted this for so long, so it was really a nice gift from my mum. 

 I was expected in the Inno on the Meir in Antwerp. Caroline from C Styling made me up with make-up and gave me advice about which colors I use the best for my make-up.
She also had a color palette which she held on my neck, to see which colors suits me the best. 
I'm a summer type, so I can wear most of the colors.

Then we went for some shopping at the Meir. 
I went to the WE and H&M. In the WE she picked some clothes so I could try them on and maybe buy them. 
In the H&M the same.

It was really a great experience. 
Somebody who's picking out your clothes and you've only to follow and try the clothes on. 

Thank you mum and Caroline from C Styling for this unforgettable experience!!!

Putting make-up on

The make-up look

Let's go shopping :D

My outfit looks (something totally different, like you can see).

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