17 July 2014

New brand: Flossy

A couple of months ago I decided to throw all my heels away. 
I was so sick of them, because I looked like a giant if I where them. I'm already 180 cm so that desicon was really quick made (but secretly I kept 4 pairs). 
I already had a lot of flats, sneakers and loafers. 

During the Press Days in Antwerp I discoverd a new brand: Flossy. 
It's a Spanish brand from the Rioja area. 
The shoes where originally worn by bohemians, artists and sailors. But the brand made fame in Ibizia and became quickly a part of the clubbing scene. 
So Flossy continued to grow and it's not longer only a Mediterranean shoe craze. 
Shoes are already available from 30 euros.

Flossy collaborated with blogger Audrey Rogers from Frassy. She designed the Frassy Pineapple Plimsoll. Which I really love.

From New York to Japan, you can now find Flossy everywhere.
So go check them out at www.flossyshoes.com

Here you can find some of my favorites:

Frassy Pineapple Plimsoll

San Sebastian Sunset Plimsoll

 Jaca Neon Yellow Plimsoll

 Bermeo Blue Tropical Plimsoll

Bayonne Navy Cherry Plimsoll

Which one is your favorite?

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