23 June 2014

Tatty Devine Name Necklace

When I saw an e-mail in my mailbox from Tatty Devine to buy a name necklace, I was really intrigued. 
So I clicked on the link and was very surprised. 
You can enter a name you like, such like a nickname or other. Then you can choose which color.
Then you choose the charm such like a star, heart or other. 
You can select the font you want and the chain. Also you can choose the standard size or make it big (+£10.00).

The style I choose was:
  • Name: Valerie.
  • Colour: bright pink.
  • Charm: heart.
  • Size: standard size
  • Lettering style: sundae.
  • Chain: Gold Coloured chain.
"If you accidentally break the jewellery, or the chain has lost it shine, they can help! You can bring it to a store, e-mail or call them. Their Jewellery Repair Service is quick and inexpensive (or in some cases free)." This you can read in the card, inside the box.

Here is a video and an explanation how the name necklace is made:

"We begin by drawing out the artwork for your name in the lettering you selected. 
We then load your chosen colour of perspex into our lasercutter which precision cuts the design. 
The perspex is then cleaned & polished by hand and hung on the chain of your choice. 
Finally, your necklace is carefully packed and wrapped in Tatty Devine tissue paper, ready to be delivered to your door."

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