16 June 2014

Go Go Go Red Devils

Tomorrow the Red Devils will play their first game at the World cup in Brazil. 
It's against Algeria and really looking forward to it. 
Because it's since the World cup from 2002 they have played a European Championship or a World Cup.

One of my hobby's is going to the matches from KRC Genk during the football season. 
So I'm a really big fan of football. But the matches from the Red Devils are a bit different than the matches from KRC Genk.

Here is some Red Devils stuff which are favorites of mine. 
You can also see some Brazilian stuff and stuff from other countries.

 Ice-Watch Eyewear Mood - 69 euros

Rodania Red Devils - 69 euros
Australian Footwear World Cup Special Belgian Edition - 129,95 euros
 Fred Perry Country Shirts - 85 euros
 Adidas kumacross Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Edition - 99 euros
 Banana Moon x Brazil
 Rimowa Bossa Nova

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