26 July 2015

Relaxing @ The Vondelpark

Last Thursday my vacation in Amsterdam came to an end. I went there for 5 days with my parents.
If you checked out my Snapchat (@truestar12) last week you saw that I visit a lot.
I visited Madam Tussauds, Amsterdam Dungeon, Anne Frank House, Artis and the Vondelpark.
Also I made a tour on the water around the famous spots from Amsterdam. 

The Vondelpark is really a great park. I was impressed how big it was.
We didn't walk to the entire park, because it was so big. Everyone was chilling around the ponds in the park. So there was a very relaxing atmosphere.
The ponds in the beginning of the park were very full of people, But I found a quieter place where I could shoot my outfit.
Hope you like it!

Dress: COS
Sandals: New Look 
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag: Oversized Mulberry Alexa 
Necklace: from a store in Barcelona
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

15 July 2015

Review + Swatches: Dior Contrast Horizon Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw this new 5 couleurs contrast horizon eyeshadow pallet from the Tie dye collection from Dior, I really wanted it.
First I wasn't really sure, because there is a blue eyeshadow in the palette and blue doesn't suite me well. I found it very luxurious. 
I never bought an eyeshadow palette from Dior, because I wasn't really sure of they were pigmented enough.
Luckily my opinion was proven wrong when I swatched these colours. They are very pigmented and applied very easy.

I also created a look on me where I put the brown eyeshadow on my lid. The green eyeshadow I put above my eyelid. 
On the brow bone I put the golden eyeshadow and the blue eyeshadow I used in my inner eye to create a more vibrant look. 
The white I used in the inner waterline, but you can't see it in the pictures. 

The 5 Couleurs Contrast Horizon eyeshadow palette I bought by Ici Paris XL en cost € 60,58. 

On the website from Ici Paris XL you now can find 50 % off in their Summer Sales campaign.
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07 July 2015

New: Adidas Premium Sneakers

When I saw these Adidas Premium sneakers on the Instagram account from Adidas Originals I was immediately hooked. 
For mid-summer they released a new version of the original Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. 
These Adidas sneakers are only available in the men's section on the Adidas website. Luckly I have a big size in my shoes and ordered them. 

These sneakers have a pure white faux snakeskin with dazzling hits of gold and silver. 
The nose and the front are in silver and the tongue are in gold. I really love this combination from gold and silver.
When I had them on a week ago in Hasselt, everyone was staring at my shoes. 
You could only find them online and there are also other combinations with the faux snakeskin. 
Just like my other Adidas you are literally walking on clouds.

What do you think of them?

03 July 2015

Review + Swatches: Physicans Formula Happy Booster Rose

When I first went to the new Di store in Hasselt (a couple of months ago), my happiness couldn't be better. 
They have The Balm, Lollipops, Physicans Formula and a lot more beauty products, which I love, in their range. 
When I spotted these Happy Boosters from Physicans Formula I was really excited. 
On the internet I saw them on different websites and really needed these ones, because I'm a sucker for nice packagings. 
Would they be good or not? That was the question.

When I tried the blush I was really surprised. The blush is a highly pigmented shade of rosy bright pink. 
I really love those bright blushes. It has some shimmer in it and held for hours for me. 
If you want a more demure look, you should dab your brush off on your hand or on a tissue. 
You could also smell a rosy scent from the blush. 
Then of course you have the really cute hearts and if you go with a brush over it they don't disappear like in other blushes. 
You can also find a brush and a mirror in the packaging, but the brush was disappointed. 
The brush felt scratchy for me, so for the best you should use a more professional brush.

The blush is available in the Di stores in Belgium and also online
It costs € 15,90/$ 11.95.

01 July 2015

Prada 'Voice' Sunglasses

A couple of weeks ago I went to Designer Outlet Roermond to bring my Mulberry bag in for reparation. 
I also went to some stores like Prada, Philipp Plein, Michael Kors, Salvatorre Ferragamo and more. 

When I went in to the Prada store (one of my favourites) I always look at the bags and sunglasses. There I saw these Prada 'Voice' sunglasses. 
A year ago I discovered them on the internet, but they where expensive. 
So I waited until they became in sale but didn't find them online or in of the stores from Prada. 

When I looked at the Prada outlet store in Roermond I found them immediatley. 
I said it to my mum and she said to me: 'I will buy them for your because you were looking for them for a long time'. 
Wow, I was so happy. I really have the best mom in the world!

What do you think of them?