28 May 2014

Press Days: Best PR

The third press agency I visited was Best PR. 
They represent brands like Ice Watch, So Basic, Iceberg, Jollysox and more. 

So Basic was one of my favorites. 
Fluffy homewear which you can wear in front of your tv or laptop.

24 May 2014

Press Days: Marnix & Ally

The second press agency I visited, was Marnix & Ally. 
They represent brands like Silis, Lore Van Keer, Sorbet Seams, O My Bag, Amatør, Kennel & Schmenger and more. 

Really loved the brand Amatør. 
They sell it in Maastricht at Stijl, a store in Wyck (behind the bridge).

The shoe brand Kennel & Schmenger is also a favorite brand by me and is available at La Bottega in Hasselt.

19 May 2014

Press Days: Maison PR

A couple of weeks ago I went to the press days in Antwerp. I discovered a lot of new brands and can not wait to show them to you.

The first press agency I visited was Maison PR. 
They represent brands like Inglot (famous for there magentic Freedom System), Escada, Spijkers and Spijkers, Spanx and more. 
When I arrived at Maison PR, I first followed the workshop from Inglot. 
It was really interesting because it's a new beauty brand here in Belgium and felt immediately in love.

Hope you like the first of five from the press days in Antwerp.


02 May 2014

Event: Opening INGLOT Hasselt

Yesterday I was invited to the opening of a new store from Inglot in Hasselt. 
Until now you could only buy Inglot in the Netherlands. That was a little bit disappointing because I really heard a lot of good news about this brand. 
But finally the wait is over and from now on you can also buy it in Belgium.

When I entered the store it was full of make-up (and famous people). 
Inglot, a Polish brand, is known for their magnetic Freedom System. 
You can easily create your own palette with eyeshadow, blush, concealer, lipstick and more. 
There were a lot of combinations possible.

You can also buy nail polish, false eyelashes, lipstick and a lot more.

Really love this brand and it's a must visit if you are in Hasselt.

Minderbroederstraat 29
3500 Hasselt