29 June 2015

Spa Secrets Miracles of Bali

Recently Kruidvat launched a new luxury line called Spa Secrets. Spa Secrets is inspired on traditional bathrituals from all over the world. 
The products costs between € 2,99 and € 4,99. 
You also don't find the name Kruidvat on the products. 
That's because they want that you're buying luxury products instead of budget. So you can also give them as a present.

There are tree different lines:
  • Treasures of Morocco (argon oil and rose extracts)
  • Traditions of Japan (lotus and bamboo)
  • Miracles of Bali (coconut water and frangipan)
I  bought the shower gel from the Miracles of Bali line. It smells very like summer, flowery, sweet and of course frangipan. 
I didn't smell anything of the coco water but on the ingredients list they have set coconut water. When I tried it under the shower it was very smooth and smelled really nice. 
The sentence is not very strong, so this a winner for me. I didn't even smell it the next morning.
The shower gel costs € 2,99 and is available at Kruidvat in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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