10 March 2013

& Other Stories: A New Story Begins

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At 8th of March & Other Stories has launched. 
& Other Stories is a new member from the H&M family. It's a brand where you can buy clothes, shoes, bags, beauty, accessories and lingerie.
There are four directions: Contradiction & Minimalist, Industrial & Effortless, Romantic & Dandy and Sophistication.

The stores from & Other Stories you can find in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, Stockholm. 
Unfortunately Belgium and the Netherlands don't have a store, but we have the online store to go crazy in.

The designers found their inspirations on the street, in the art an in the hardware store. It's a brand where you can tell your own story. 
At the beginning it would be first only a beauty brand, but gradually they discovered that women would have more than only beautytools to complete their look. So they came with an accessories line and as last a clothing line.

Below you can find some favorites of mine. 
So check out www.stories.com
Let me know what you think about this new member from the H&M family.

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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