03 July 2015

Review + Swatches: Physicans Formula Happy Booster Rose

When I first went to the new Di store in Hasselt (a couple of months ago), my happiness couldn't be better. 
They have The Balm, Lollipops, Physicans Formula and a lot more beauty products, which I love, in their range. 
When I spotted these Happy Boosters from Physicans Formula I was really excited. 
On the internet I saw them on different websites and really needed these ones, because I'm a sucker for nice packagings. 
Would they be good or not? That was the question.

When I tried the blush I was really surprised. The blush is a highly pigmented shade of rosy bright pink. 
I really love those bright blushes. It has some shimmer in it and held for hours for me. 
If you want a more demure look, you should dab your brush off on your hand or on a tissue. 
You could also smell a rosy scent from the blush. 
Then of course you have the really cute hearts and if you go with a brush over it they don't disappear like in other blushes. 
You can also find a brush and a mirror in the packaging, but the brush was disappointed. 
The brush felt scratchy for me, so for the best you should use a more professional brush.

The blush is available in the Di stores in Belgium and also online
It costs € 15,90/$ 11.95.

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