07 July 2015

New: Adidas Premium Sneakers

When I saw these Adidas Premium sneakers on the Instagram account from Adidas Originals I was immediately hooked. 
For mid-summer they released a new version of the original Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. 
These Adidas sneakers are only available in the men's section on the Adidas website. Luckly I have a big size in my shoes and ordered them. 

These sneakers have a pure white faux snakeskin with dazzling hits of gold and silver. 
The nose and the front are in silver and the tongue are in gold. I really love this combination from gold and silver.
When I had them on a week ago in Hasselt, everyone was staring at my shoes. 
You could only find them online and there are also other combinations with the faux snakeskin. 
Just like my other Adidas you are literally walking on clouds.

What do you think of them?

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