14 October 2012

There is a new Deauty box in town

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You may already know, but there's a new beauty box in town. 
I received this box when I was on holiday in Barcelona. 
I know, where already on the second Deauty box, but had a lot to do in the meanwhile.

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So what's a Deauty box:
  • You take a subscription for 15 euros per month here (only available for Belgian people).
  • You receive every month a box of 4 or 5 luxe samples from exclusive beauty brands.
  • You can try the products at home and discover new favorite products.
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 In the first box from September there where products from  L'oreal, Clarins, Redken, Nuxe and Essie.
 There's also a card in the Deauty box with a short description of the products.

First of all we have the HydraQuench Intensive Serum from Clarins. 
It's a serum for each skin type and offers an optimal and a long lasting hydration. In the Deauty box there's a sample of 15 ml. 
Full size is 30 ml and costs 58,50 euros.
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Then we have the very knowing Mythic Oil from L'oreal. 
On the card we read that it is a dry oil for a beautiful shining glow on your hair. It's also a protection for fluffy hair. 
The product is full size (125 ml) so you will be wear well for a long time. It costs 19 euros.
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Nuxe has his Micellair Cleansing Water with Rose Petals (100 ml, full size) in the Deauty box.
It's an alcohol- and perfume free cleansing lotion. It removes all off your impurities from the face, eyes and even your lips.
It's suitable for everybody, even for the most sensitive skin.
It costs 10 euros.
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Redken has his Full Effect 04 Nourishing Mouse in the Deauty box (65 ml). 
It's an ultra light styling mousse and it combines the volume from a mousse with the nourishing properties of hair care. 
The full size product is 250 ml and costs 24,30 euros.
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Essie has the color 'Size Matters' in the Deauty box. I really love this color and also tryed it on my nails and loved it.  
Like the card says: Diamonds are out, rubies are in. 
This is a full size product (13,5 ml) and costs 10,99 euros.
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