18 October 2012

Name Necklace

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A couple a years Carrie from Sex and The City wore a name necklace in Sex and The City. 
Also Lea Michelle from 'Glee' carries one with name of her big love 'Finn' on the show and she also have a 'Rachel' name necklace.
In the music scene we have seen Katy Perry wearing a name necklace.

Well now I got the chance to choose one from mijnnaamketting.nl.
When I saw these on these series I was immediately hooked. So when mijnnaamketting.nl contact me, I found it really great. 
Finally I could get a name necklace with my name on it and a Swarovski birth stone on the 'i' from my name Valerie.

So when I received the package I was so happy. 
The name necklace came in a little box with a ribbon on it, which is always a pro, because the eye also want something.

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The necklace is a silver "Carrie" style necklace with my birth stone in Swarosvki crystal. 
 You can choose from 4 length for adults and 1 for kids.

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They also sell personalized love necklaces, personalized bracelets and personalized rings. 
So everybody can get what she wants. 
 You can also choose from different fonts.

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Do you also want one? 
Maybe as a gift for Christmas? 
Well than I have a great offer for you, with the code 'JustLikeATrueStar' you get 8 % off on the entire collection at mijnnaamketting.nl.

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  1. They are sooo cute!!
    i want one