24 October 2012

Interior Life by Gert Voorjans

 "I like strange objects, excessive proportions, monstrosities too. 
You shouldn't take interior design too seriously." 
Gert Voorjans

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Gert Voorjans is a Belgian interior architect based in Antwerp. 
He designed the shop Coccodrillo for men in Antwerp. He is the interior architect for all of shops from Dries Van Noten in the world. 
He also designed a house for Mick Jagger and an apartment for Nina Garcia.

His book, Interior Life, is about his occupation as an interior architect. 
He tells about his inspiration for his work and about his craftsmanship of his job.

You can also find moodboards and clippings in Interior Life. 
Also his taste for contrast: expensive and cheap, old and modern, simple and extravagant.

A very original en beautiful shaped book with paper in thickness, size, colors, a Japanese binding en ten colorful bookmark ribbons.

 Interior Life is now for sale and cost 100 euros.

Here are also some pictures from where he lives in Antwerp
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Pics from http://blog.debijenkorf.nl and www.interiorator.com

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