09 April 2015

Exhibition: Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

On Tuesday I visited the exhibition Hello, My Name is Paul Smith at the Fashion Museum in Hasselt.
I also went to the opening where I met Paul Smith (see picture below).
He is really a nice guy. So if you get the chance to meet him, take your chance. 

The exhibition centers about his personals ideas. There are not that much clothes to see and I think this is a plus for this exhibition.
He started his career on under influence from his wife Pauline and they're still together.
You can see his shop from 3 by 3 meters, where his design team works, behind-the scenes from a runway show, his collaborations with brands, his workroom and a lot more.

This exhibition is bigger than in London (400 m²).
After Hasselt the exhibition will be expand to Singapore and Tokyo.
You can see the exhibition until the 7th of June in the Fashion Museum in Hasselt.

Fashion Museum Hasselt
Gasthuisstraat 11
3500 Hasselt

Start of the exhibition: a labyrinth with the typical Paul Smith stripes

 Paintings, pictures made by Paul Smith

Gifts from fans to Paul Smith

His first shop. 3 by 3 meters!!!

Paul Smith's first showroom. A hotel room!

The designing room

Campaign pictures shot by Paul Smith

Gadgets given by fashion show from Paul Smith

Fashion invitations from Paul Smith

Backstage passes from Paul Smith's runway shows

View from above from the labyrint

Paul Smith shops around the world (not one is the same!)

Clothes from Paul Smith

Collaborations with Paul Smith (Evian, personal friend David Bowie, Giro d'Italia)

Roberts Radio in collaboration with Paul Smith

Paul Smith stamps for the Olympic Games 2012

Collaboration with Kid Robot

Paul Smith and LladrĂ³

Paul Smith collaboration with The Rug Company (carpet) and Fritz Hansen (chair)

Paul Smith collaboration with Mini

His personal office.

Watches from Paul Smith

Take a picture with Paul Smith in the museum

Quote at the end of the exhibition

The museum shop with gadgets from Paul Smith

Me with Paul Smith at the opening!

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