25 March 2015

Review + Swatches: The Balm Cabana Boy Blush

Last year when I visited Gent, I was also looking for a blush that's more brighter than my blush for everyday.
I went to Beautyqueen where I found the perfect blush.
They have many brands and one of them was The Balm. I already knew this was a very good brand for blushes.
So when I entered Beautyqueen I asked the saleswoman for a blush that was more brighter than my everyday blush.
She said that The Balm Cabana Boy was a perfect blush for a more brighter look.
 Then she said that I should take brush and have to dab it off on the back of my hand. I immediately liked it.

The blush (you could also use it as a eyeshadow) is a muted raspberry pink with a subtle golden sheen, more luminous than shimmery.
It's soft, smooth and silky. It has plenty of pigmentation, so slowly build up color as needed.
Also the packaging is really great. It's housed in a cardboard compact with a mirror and a vintage imagery (which I very like).

It costs $ 21/ € 16  and is available at Beautyqeen in Gent, Di and online at www.thebalm.com

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