03 March 2015

I'm a Barbie Girl


Sorry for the lack updates, but I've been busy with school and other hobby's.
When I saw the Spring/Summer collection 2015 from Moschino, I was immediately hooked. The theme was Barbie inspired.
I really loved several items from this collection.
Just like the Mc Donalds theme before there were clothes and bags with the Moschino logo instead of the Barbie logo.
I picked the clutch bag which is a perfect accessory for me. 

Barbie has been a fashion icon for years, even for me. I really loved playing with Barbies when I was younger.
I even had a swimming pool, a camper, closets and a Ken doll.
I loved to brush my Barbies hair, change their clothes and their was even a lady from my mum's work who made handmade clothes for the Barbie.
 The lady made a skiing suit, a wedding dress (which is still in my room on a Barbie) and more.
Barbie has even her own Instagram where she wears the most stylish designer clothes, bags, accessories and shoes.
She also inspired a pop group called Aqua in 1997 to bring a song about Barbie and Ken.

Hope you like the clutch as much as I do.


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