27 November 2011

Goodiebags Pressdays

It was really hectic with the pressdays. About 2 weeks ago I visited 2 press agency's in the late evening in Antwerp and last Thursday It was really hectic because I was already up for Versace x H&M at 6.00 AM then in the afternoon I had to go to Brussels for one press agency and later on I had to go Hasselt for a launch party.

So with each press agency I got a lot of goodies and I want to show them to you.
Here we go!

The big bag is really funny. Got a lot of compliments for it. It's from ESPRIT and was given at Media Mania Press Agency.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I will start above from left to right:
hand mirror and brush from ICI PARIS XL, scents from Les Solinotes, which you need to mix to create a new scent, doll from IKEA, SAMPAR Equalizing Foam Peel and Eye Rule (were I'm very delighted with).
Under that you have 2 mugs from ESPRIT, Baobab scented candle, nail polish from FitFlops, key ring from Feivuve, leopard scarf from Shoe Discount.
Next row you have winter gloves from s.Oliver, bracelet from Osaka Hockey, ring from River Island, Necklace (I don't know which brand it is), samples from APOT.CARE, laces (I don't know which brand it is) and fingerless gloves from Roeckl.
Next line we have shoeshine set from AVANCE, bracelet from Marc O'Polo, Shoe bag from Replay.
In the last row you see a bath towel from Reebok, discount card from ESPRIT and Bag from Pull-In with Spongebob on it.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


  1. Ooh allemaal heel leuke dingen!! I like it!!

  2. Oh wow supergaaf!
    Die Esprit tas ziet er echt leuk uit!

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