20 June 2015

Havaianas For Your Wedding

I will admit, I'm a big lover from weddings.
  I will wed a great men I can't resist, get a proposal which is so beautiful my eyes won't stop crying,  a beautiful engagement ring,  nice wedding rings, ...
The wedding will be huge and have all my family and friends together.
At the party here will a big pie and we will be dancing until the sun rise in the morning. Then we set off to a dreamy island and later on we have children.

For this occasion Havaianas has introduced flipflops for all your guests at the wedding.
It's a Brazilian tradition and now you can have it to.
You give guests Havaianas and they can dance all night long without blisters or any other pains if you are wearing heels. 

Here you can choose your pair (there are 2 models and different pins) with an minimum of 96 pairs.
They cost € 10 or € 12 each and are available in different sizes for men and women.

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