12 December 2014

ZEB Does It Again: Sale In Store and The E-shop


Today ZEB start the sale in store and in the online shop. There are already discounts from -50 %. 
So now you can already shop for your Christmas clothes or for your other loved ones. 
So they can have a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. 
Like a jeans for your boyfriend/girlfriend, a nice dress for your mum, some cute socks for your nieces or nephews and more.
It's a little bit controversial to hold sale in December here in Belgium, but if you see in the Netherlands they already have sale from mid-December. 
So why can't it be here too?

To celebrate this sale, ZEB has launched a jackpot game. The first prize is that you can win one year of free clothing by ZEB with a value of 3600 euros. 
That means that you can spend 300 euros a month to buy your favorite jeans, t-shirt and other things. 
So if you want to win this fabulous prize, you can click on this link and maybe it will be yours.

One thing is clear: 
if it lays on ZEB, everyone will be fabulous with the holiday's!

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