11 November 2014

Oona's Urban Canvas

When I visited Oona at the blogger's night I was pretty overwhelmed. 
Three space full of clothes, accessories and make-up. This is truly heaven for a woman like me. 
In this canvas I found brands like Essentiel, Ici Paris XL, Yves Rocher, Komono, JBC, Schipper/Arquas. 
So the color pallet was very various.

Hello Lego man
I got a spell on you!
Don't be Shy!
Beautiful on time!
I got my eye on you!
Let's go green!
Splash of colors with a cute twist!
 Let's get beautyfied!
Defintley on the wishlist!
Feeling the X-Mas spirit!
Beetles ahead!
What sees the eye?
Only for You!
Smart with a twist!
Perfect eyes!

1 comment:

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