01 May 2012

Walking in the Sunshine with Corine de Farme

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Last week I week I received a package from Yapado with Corine de Farme products in a box.
I was really happy to receive it!

Corine de Farme is a brand from Sarbec Cosmetics. A French group who develops almost for 40 years hygiene and beauty products, produces and commercialized. Corine de Farme replies on her range with her cleaning and care products on the needs for everyday and for the whole family. The products are developed by own researchers, in their own laboratory, with the greatest attention and precision.

Now they have developed a new range of protecting and sun caring products.

Protected dry oil with SPF 30 enriched with Monoï de Tahiti - 9,95 euros)
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This dry oil has a SPF of 30. In one movement is the skin protected against UVA and UVB. Your skin get also a beautiful satin glow and you get an instant beach diva look. A day in the sun with this wonder oil and you skin gets a beautiful intense gold brown color and you will smell like the Monoï perfume from Tahiti. The dry oil SPF 30 from Corine de Farine contains no parabens, is waterproof and easy to rub in.

Milking Grease with tan accelerator enriched with Monoï de Tahiti -
5,54 euro

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This new two-in-one products from Corine de Farme guarantees a smooth tan in no time. The milking grease contains no self-tan ingredients, but the secret is a differentiation from tyrosine that stimulates the production of melamine when you go in the sun. The formula contains no parabens and take care that the skin is hydrated when you go tanning in the sun so that your tan will stay longer.

Hydrated and softening after sun milk enriched with Monoï de Tahiti - 7,99 euros
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After a day in the sun, your skin can be overheated. At the end of the day you can rub it in with a good after sun for an optimal hydration.
This after sun milk with Monoï de Tahiti from Corine de Farme contains natural, hydrating, elements that the fluid balance from the skin repairs so that you get a soft baby skin.
Last but not least cares this after sun milk that your skin not peels and that your beautiful tan optimally fixed is. This formula has a melting texture and contains no parabens.

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