25 April 2012

Triumph Inspiration Award 2012

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For the Fifth time in a row, the Triumph Inspiration Award will be presented. This fashion contest gives young designers an opportunity to break internationally trough. The theme of this year is: 'Dragons & Butterflies'. The winner from the Belgium finale, which will be held on 3 May, receives not only a the sum of 1000 euro, he or she gets also a ticket for the international final for the Triumph Inspiration Award in Shanghai. There he or she will make a chance to win a cash prize of 15.000 euros en he/she will make a limited edition collection in collaboration with Triumph.

For more information: www.triumphinspirationaward.com

Last year Tom Van der Borght, who lives in Gent and is from my hometown Bilzen, won the competition in Belgium.

The 5 finalists from the Triumph Inspiration Awards 2012 are know! Five young, talented fashion students each masterfully their visions in the theme of ‘Dragons & Butterflies’, processed in five exceptional lingerie creations.

The student with the most votes, receive an extra vote at the finale on 3 may at Brussels.
You can vote until 2 May midnight.

So go immediately to belmodo.tv/triumphinspirationaward2012, discover the pictures en the movies from the 5 finalists and vote your favourite to the finale in Shanghai.

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