09 December 2011

JBC: Designer Against Aids and Christophe Coppens Winter and Party Collection

On Worlds Aids Day, 1 December, JBC launched in collaboration with Designer Against Aids a t-shirt collection with famous Belgians for the battle against Aids.

The famous Belgians who collaborated with Designer Against Aids, are famous people from the showbizz, music en cartoon world. For Flanders that are Buscemi, Mauro Pawlowski (DEUS) and Stijn Meuris. Voor Wallonia cartoonist Pad'R and ex-Miss Belgium Tatiana Silva.

On Stijn Meuris his t-shirt you can see a staff with "Love kills no one". The notes are in different positions entangled with each other. Mauro was inspired by the polticans pamphlet from in the past. A nice gentlemans says: "be a gentleman in the intercourse". Tatian Silva chooses for Fashion inspiration. Pad're, the cartoonist, chooses for puns on the word "capote" - condom - and displaying an edition of men condoms, from the not all astute gnome "conpote", the comfy "gropote" till the villian "alcapote".

The collection is now available.
25 % of the gainings are going to DAA.

For more check out www.jbc.be

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In other JBC news, Christophe Coppens designed an extra winter and party collection with a lot of accessories like scarfs, necklaces, hats and a lot more.
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